Why I Am Running

“I am running to safeguard the future of all of our families.” - Julie Willoughby

By asking for your vote, I am asking you to believe in me; to put your faith in me. So I think it’s important that I share my “Why.”

My husband Brice and I have a wonderful son and are expecting our daughter in March 2018. We are like many of you - a happy growing family living in the present but with a careful eye on the future. We moved our family to Chandler two years ago because it offered everything we wanted for our family - lots of young active parents, excellent schools, affordable housing and plenty of parks all wrapped up in a lovely, family-friendly vibe. We were thrilled to be part of such a wonderful city!

Once we got settled in, we started considering the bigger questions. How do we ensure our family’s safety? How do we safeguard our access to the best possible education for our children? How do we protect our family business so that it continues to flourish and grow? These important questions and many others led Brice and I to a discussion about how we could become more vocal and involved. Always avid voters, we were keenly aware that every vote counts, but what about the things that don’t end up on a ballot? How can we raise our voice for ALL issues that impact our family and so many others?

After much discussion, soul-searching and prayer, the answer was crystal clear to both of us - we would run for the legislature, to protect the future of our family and yours. Brice and I have no doubt that this is the path God had planned for us all along, and we couldn’t be more excited to enter this new chapter of public service.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about me and thank you for your vote!


AUTHORIZED AND PAID FOR BY THE Julie Willoughby Political Organization AUTHORIZED AND PAID FOR BY THE Julie Willoughby Political Organization

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  • Jean-Pierre Alfredo Maldonado
    commented 2018-08-13 10:38:02 -0700
    Before I vote as an INDEPENDENT, I need to know your position* on:

    1) Gun ownership
    2) Immigration
    3) Border wall
    4) Veterans ’ benefits

    Thank you!


    No CYA evasions such as “Enforce the law,” please!