Schooling and Education

Schooling and Education

“When schools compete, our children win.” - Julie Willoughby

Improving our state’s education system is a non-partisan issue. We need to invest in our children’s education. This current environment has focused on pay for administrators and teachers, and lost the focus on the long term outcome for students. Additionally, we have a problem in the state of AZ with the rising number of disconnected youth. I support expanding the ESA’s (Empowerment Scholarship Account) in order for students to have access to CTE (Career and Technical Education) programs that provide options on the type of schooling they want to pursue.

Julie believes families should have the right to choose which school their child attends. Choice creates an environment of healthy competition and raises the educational bar; motivating all schools to be the best they can be. Recent studies revealed that when families were given the right to choose their child’s school, public school test scores increased. Public schools had to work harder to ensure they didn’t lose students to the private sector. With competition, everyone wins.


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