“The need for healthcare reform is undeniable.” - Julie Willoughby

"Working in the ER, I have seen the dangers of of both prescription and illegal drug abuse. I have seen youth and adults a like come in seeking treatment for overdose. I have seen traumas come in because of drug related violence. I fully support Governor Ducey’s recent task force to tackle this issue, and look forward to working directly with him and his office. We all need to work harder at stopping illegal drug use and trafficking."

As an ER trauma nurse, Julie has a unique window into the rampant issues within our healthcare system. Being a patient advocate is part of her day-to-day job and she believes we must find a way to provide more patient choices, lower healthcare costs and allow for more transparency in the system.  We need to have stricter guidelines for our health departments that do psych evaluations in order to get patients placed faster and more appropriately.  Julie’s background in healthcare, and love for her patients, makes her a valuable resource for reforming healthcare legislation.

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