Clean Elections

All of the following information is directly from the Citizens Clean Elections Commission's website

The Citizens Clean Elections Commission is a non-partisan commission created by voters that educates voters, and provides campaign funding and enforces campaign finance rules and laws.

Clean Elections was founded in 1998 after Arizona voters passed the Citizens Clean Citizen Elections Act (A.R.S. Title 16, Chapter 6, Article 2) to root out corruption and promote confidence in our political process.

The Clean Elections Act provides a clean funding program for statewide and legislative candidates who agree to forgo special interest and high dollar contributions. This allows participating candidates to directly connect with the voters in their district so they may raise a minimum number of qualifying contributions to receive clean campaign funding.

Candidates can choose to run as a traditional candidate or a participating Clean Elections candidate. Candidates who choose to raise private campaign funds, subject to contribution limits, are known as non-participating/traditional candidates.

Candidates who opt into the Clean Funding program are known as participating candidates. Participating candidates agree to adhere to the Act and Commission rules in return for receiving funding from the Citizens Clean Elections Fund.



Candidates who wish to participate in the Clean Funding program must file an Application for Certification before July 28, 2020 (the end of the qualifying period). The application is generated in the Secretary of State's Campaign Finance Reporting System and the candidate must file the original, notarized application directly with the Secretary of State. The Clean Elections Commission will notify candidates within 7 days if their application is approved.


Candidates can collect $5 Qualifying Contributions during the qualifying period (August 1, 2019 - July 28, 2020). Only a qualified elector, who is properly registered to vote in the district of the office a candidate is seeking, may give a $5 Qualifying Contribution. A candidate can receive a $5 Qualifying Contribution from a qualified elector regardless of the contributor's party affiliation. Candidates must collect a minimum number of qualifying contributions, depending on the office they are seeking.The Commission recommends you collect 20% more than the required amount.

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