Trump is taking on the Opioid Crisis

Trump is taking on the Opioid Crisis

Hearing the news and watching President Trump’s press release that he wants to take on the opioid crisis is thrilling to me.  Not only is it important to me as a citizen and vested community member, but as a Registered Nurse.  In the ER this crisis has been upfront and in our faces for a while now, it is inspiring to see that it is now in the faces of the policy makers.  It is sad to see the teenagers, young adults, and matured adults struggle with addiction of any kind.  I look forward to seeing what develops for these people and look forward to seeing the resources in the hospital being used appropriately.   “Together, we will face this challenge as a national family.” – Trump


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Yet another reason why I am running

My family has grown by one these past few weeks!  My husband, son, and I want to welcome our newest addition to our family.  Lillian was born happy and healthy and she is yet another reason why I am running for LD 17 House.  I want to ensure a prosperous future for my children and I hope to do the same for your families as well.  family of 4

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Voter Suppression is never Acceptable to ME

Recent research uncovered a potential voter suppression issue in the City of Chandler’s non-partisan election process. Most votes are cast via mail, but only registered Republicans and Democrats are automatically sent mail-in ballots if they are on the permanent early voter list; independent and third-party voters must request one. Many voters don’t realize this is the case, so, in the 2014 election, there were roughly 54,000 registered voters that did not register as a Republican or Democrat.  Approximately 1,200 of these voters took the required additional steps to receive a ballot.  The remaining 52,800 were likely unaware that they had to request a ballot and therefore did not have the same access to vote.


This is called voter suppression and I am 100% against it at both the city and state level.


Voters recently asked Nora Ellen (current City of Chandler council member and my opponent in the LD 17 House of Representatives race), through social media, to share her stance on this critical issue, which is controlled by the city. She first replied and then deleted her post, and then refused to state her opinion when requested! How is it possible that an elected city official will not offer an opinion on a critical issue like this? And if Nora will not stand up for her beliefs at the city level, how in the world will she represent us at the state level? This is not leadership.


A vote for me is a vote for strong leadership. I will always stand up publicly for what I believe in and fight for what is right for our communities.


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Please see the press release I have authored and requested for the local media to report on.






CHANDLER, ARIZONA (October 26, 2017) – Arizona state legislative candidate Julie Willoughby has called on her opponent, Nora Ellen, to assure voters in LD 17 she will avoid any appearance of nepotism or campaign impropriety this campaign season. This concern is rooted in the fact that Ellen’s son and current Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, J.D. Mesnard, will have lobbyists vying for support for their respective bills while his mother would be courting those same groups for campaign contributions.


Willoughby challenged Ellen and stressed her concerns stating, “I’d like to see her decline any and all lobbyist contributions to her campaign until the second regular session of the current legislature has concluded.”


According to ARS § 41-1234.01., “Lobbyists are prohibited from soliciting, promising to solicit, making or promising to make campaign contributions to members of the Legislature or the Governor during the regular legislative session, and when legislation from the regular session awaits gubernatorial action.”


Willoughby continued, “Considering there was over $300,000 spent in the district last campaign season, there’s every reason to believe those numbers will be met or exceeded this cycle. It’s crucial for the voters in our district to have the confidence that the legislative priorities of the House will not be influenced by a relationship between the political campaign of a mother and the legislative role of her son.” 


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